How Gabe Works

GABE is an acronym for:

  • Gamifying turns work into fun so you play hard and work Easy

  • Accountability Coaching is your compassionate implementation partner who keeps you focused on the Triple Win

  • Behavior Dashboarding makes patient attraction + retention + case acceptance easy

  • Engaged learning combines best practices, expert advice and real live examples

Gabe is a hugely helpful full-time employee. He’s a humble servant to you and your team. At his core, he is selfless and cares only about you.  The only thing is, Gabe is worried that you may not accept him, because Gabe is a virtual person.


Gamified my goals. Now I’m playing for #saveasmile #savealife
I love my Accountability Coach I’m increasing case acceptance and hitting bonus
Just checked my Behaviordash patient retention up!! #nomoredread
Engaged Learning Rocks!! #gabeworksforme


  • You shouldn’t live to work, but work to live.
  • Our Ego is not our Amigo.
  • In surrendering to the TRUTH.
  • It’s not about being the best in the world; it’s about being the best for the world.
  • The future of dentistry depends on the private practitioners
  • Information without Implementation has no value